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Heal Inside Out

What it's actually all about

The Why...

Trauma Informed Yoga (TIY) is an evidence based therapeutic technique that has shown to support the healing of people who have experienced a variety of trauma in their lives. The use of yoga has become more prominent as science has caught up with the ions old notion that the mind and body are intrinsically connected. In some cases, especially in the processing of trauma, many people find it challenging to access their words in the form of traditional talk therapy, therefore, utilising the body can be a safe and profound alternative and/or adjunct to overcoming the effects of trauma. As our understanding of trauma and its impact on the nervous system has evolved it is imperative to bring the body into therapy in order to holistically heal and truly move through our past traumas. 

The What...

Unlike traditional yoga classes, TIY, is all about creating choice and providing space for each participant to truly make the practice their own. In TIY, the teacher does not leave their mat, does not offer any physical adjustments, the classes are limited to a smaller size and the class layout is in a circle. The purpose of TIY (and in my personal opinion all yoga!) is not to "do" the yoga poses but rather learn to feel, connect and become aware of your body and your mind within the poses. TIY is about empowerment and guiding the participant to realise they are in control even when things get uncomfortable.

Who for...

Heal Inside Out course and all trauma informed yoga classes do not require any previous yoga experience so the whole "I'm not flexible" thing is irrelevant. Trauma is not necessarily the event or experience itself, it is our perception of that event that creates a lasting impact inside of us. Therefore, this course is suitable for anyone who has experienced a traumatic event that has impacted their ability to feel like they are functioning at their best, who feels they no longer have a sense of control over themselves and who wants to improve their mental wellbeing.

Traumatic experiences and events can include but are not limited too: domestic violence, emotional abuse, death of a loved one, physical assault, sexual assault, bullying at any stage of life, neglect by a primary caregiver as a child, life threatening accidents, natural disasters, challenging birth/pregnancy/miscarriages, experiences of war, first responders such as police, ambulance, fire fighters, nurses, doctors...these are just some examples. 

What to expect in the course...

Each week the Heal Inside Out course will follow the same structure so you will know what to expect. Everything is optional, some people may wish to stay silent throughout and choose to engage by listening while others may choose to share using their voices. We will start with each session with an optional verbal check in, followed trauma informed yoga class, a check "out" of the yoga class, an optional bathroom break, followed by group chats in the form or group "therapy"/discussions, psycho-education, reflections, journalling, other somatic techniques and will close with a final contemplation. 

Each participant will be required to complete a brief registration and disclaimer form. 

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